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A group of energetic enthusiasts wants to convey to you the values of Serbia through learning about the authenticity of the character of our beautiful country.

We are pleased to introduce you to our efficient and well-organized team that will meet you at every opportunity.

Our small company, with a good team and a high level of education, with kindness, provides only quality. At GLOBUS TRAVEL, you can always stop by, we have time for you.

We provide you with the experience of having the right information for your holiday, regardless of your choice of destination..

Serbian night for you

"Serbian Night" was founded in 2014 by the travel agency Globus Travel from Belgrade.

The host of the Serbian Nights, owner and director of the Globus travel agency, Miodrag Lazovic, as the creator of the idea, noted the need to include a product called "Serbian Evening" in the tourist, and therefore the cultural offer of Belgrade. The idea is that the new product in an authentic, exciting, and quality way will contribute to the completion of the tourist offer of the capital of Serbia.
Globus travel agency has been on the market for over 25 years.
The Agency's headquarters are in Belgrade, 55 / I Kralja Milutina st. (Slavia).
We are a member of YUTA.

The tourist agency performs activities according to the Law on Tourism:

   Organization and realization of tourist trips in the country and abroad;
   Organizing excursions, sightseeing tours, etc .;
   Reservation and sale of travel tickets on behalf and for the account of domestic and foreign carriers;
   Booking and sale of airline tickets;
   Organization of student excursions;
   Organization of seminars;
   Arranging of rooms and other accommodation capacities owned by a natural person;
   Arranging individual trips at the request of travelers;
   Booking and sale of air tickets for sports, cultural and other events, etc.

The Serbian Evening project is supported by YUTA,
Tourist Organizations of Serbia and Tourist Organizations of Belgrade.


Our tim

We are just part of a larger team engaged in the implementation of the Serbian Night project


master of tourism science
marketing & management services



master of tourism science
sales manager

Air ticketing manager

Address : Kralja Milutina 55
11000 Beograd

Phone : 00 381 11 26 88 262; 2682 818

Fax : 00 381 11 26 81 273
E mail:

Member of the National Association of YUTA Travel Agencies
and the Committee on Youth and Children's Tourism
License / Licenses: Category A25 OTP number 51/2020 of 01/30/2020.

Frequently asked questions and our answers.

Is it possible to organize Serbian Night in the afternoon or on weekends?

Yes, of course, whenever it is convenient for you, with an announcement of at least 7 days in advance.

Duration of the program?

About 2 hours, with announcements, games, and songs from all over Serbia.